The Boss and The Chef




Edith Faliès


Edith, the queen of customer service and a cheerful advisor to find the best food and wine matching
Winegrowers’ best friend




Thierry Hingamp


Thierry, a fervent lover of a 100% homemade, tasty and generous French traditional cuisine
Gourmets’ best friend

A word of welcome from Edith :

A word of welcome from Thierry :

About Le Coin du Rocher

le coin bar a vin villiers paris

More than just a Paris restaurant…

“When we created Le Coin du Rocher, we wanted to create more than just a Paris neighborhood restaurant. We’ve always wanted that each of our guests spends a pleasant time with other people while enjoying and tasting a traditional French cuisine in a friendly atmosphere. Our wish is that all of our guests are fully satisfied and in a happy mood.”
Edith et Thierry