The restaurant

Edith and Thierry have made the restaurant Le Coin du Rocher, located in the district of Villiers in Paris 8th, a real bistro and wine bar. Their cuisine is delicious, the warm welcome, and there is in this restaurant an endearing, friendly atmosphere, which gives to everyone the impression they share with other guests the same taste of good things. The contemporary decor and the dark wood of the tables and walls reinforce the warm atmosphere of the place.

Le Coin du Rocher restaurant is a perfect illustration of the famous French way of life that is part of our identity: sharing with friends a good meal, made from fresh quality products.

What sets this restaurant apart from others is precisely the choice of a “100% homemade” cuisine, or “cuisine faite maison”, from starters, to main courses and desserts, combined with a selection of carefully selected wines. With one obvious and ultimate goal: to fully satisfy lovers of good French and traditional cuisine.

Bistro and Gastronomy

Le Coin du Rocher is the very kind of restaurant that the French appreciate: it serves traditional and quality French cuisine, copiously served and accompanied by wines carefully selected by Edith and Thierry. It is truly a place of bistronomy, a term now used in everyday language to describe a “bistro” cuisine of high quality (“gastronomy”), served with simplicity in a relaxed atmosphere.

Here the term “homemade” is a daily-respected motto, because the very spirit of the restaurant is to serve its customers on a daily basis an authentic, tasty and hearty cuisine, which will delight the taste buds.

salle du bistrot le coin du rocher
la salle du restaurant le coin du rocher

Reserve Your Table!

Judge for yourself: come for lunch or dinner at the restaurant Le Coin. You will taste the cuisine, the wines, as well as the warm and so endearing atmosphere: you will understand why this place is sometimes called “The Good Spot of Villiers”. Note this good  tip: book your table in the morning or one day before, to avoid any waiting!

To book your table, just click here.

A famous Paris wine bar in Villiers neighbourhood

Le Coin is a famous wine bar in the district of Villiers: as for the wine, again, Edith and Thierry have adopted the same selective rigor as for dishes in the kitchen: over the years, they have carefully established a wine list whose taste qualities are in perfect harmony with the dishes on offer.

To the delight of customers who have a wide selection of wines, served by the glass or bottle, which ideally accompany their dishes.

salle du restaurant le coin du rocher

Presentation of Paris bistro & restaurant Le Coin by Edith Faliès, the boss