What do you want to know?


We are Edith Faliès and Thierry Hingamp, the managers of the restaurant Le Coin du Rocher, in Paris 8th and owner of the restaurant’s official website lecoindurocher.com.

We use cookies via the Google Analytics tool that allows us to collect information on the origin of visitors (by geolocation) and identify a country, a region, a city. This information is necessary to better know our customers and adapt our website accordingly. In no case, these cookies do not aim nor do they allow to personally identify the visitors.

Visitors may refuse to create and use Google Analytics cookies while browsing the site. To do this, they simply need to click on the “privacy” link at the bottom of the page and click on “Disable”. The Google Analytics feature will be disabled on their next visit.

When our visitors make a table booking request, we collect the following information from an online form: first and last name, email address and mobile number.

The personal data collected on our site remain confidential. They are neither sold nor exchanged with a third party. We may send messages, by email or SMS, to visitors who have already made themselves known via the booking form. These emailings of information (seasonal events in our restaurant, promotions …) always propose a link of unsubscription.

We store personal information of visitors who register on our website without limitation. Regarding cookies, the validity period of their consent is 13 months maximum.

Each user may at any time request to receive a copy of the personal data that he has provided us. He may also request that his personal data be modified or deleted from our site. This does not include data that we are required to retain for administrative, legal, or security purposes.